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How to best start your kitchen remodeling?

As the year continues you never stop seeing colors, textures and materials that will be fashionable to arrive for the next year and how your kitchen remodeling can benefit from this upcoming trending. Here at Proactive Home Improvement we love to renew with the beginning of a new cycle, which is an excellent choice to feel different and will change the colors of your interiors, but what could be the best trend to suit your demands and still stay within a budget?

Here we present it a couple of ideas that might come in handy when doing a kitchen remodeling!

As you probably know, silver has dominated for many years and continues in force, only now this new trend of metals as gold, bronze and copper are integrating unexpectedly. So go looking for utensils, accessories, pots, salt shakers of these colors to be very in. Combine metallic colors is our recommendation, we like the metallic copper color or gilding bronze, the right set of these, it will give a luxurious and elegant look to your kitchen, plus different and contemporary in accordance to the space distribution and flooring installed by our crew.

The kitchen remodeling can also add wood finishes, washing sink installation, glass or stone, and to finish upgrading to the walls it is important to innovate, we select for you the following colors:

  • Taupe
  • Gray (in all ranges)
  • Green (mint or jade)


And if you want to be very trendy, you can use the color of the year, which is rose quartz as a hue that will be present in the world of clothes and furniture. Our team at Proactive Home improvement will apply all y our specifications on walls, curtains space distribution, countertop installation. Did you know that you could even add real crystals to give a different touch?

Keep your kitchen remodeling up to a modern style!

As you see the trend is based on elegance and sophistication, you do not need to invest a lot, a pot of paint, energy and communication with your contractor can save big money and time. Did you like these trends we just described? Tell us if you plan to make any changes to the decor of your kitchen remodeling and let us know what we can do to help you. Contact our team of professionals and start your project today!