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Perform The Best Kitchen Remodeling With Our Experts!

If your kitchen is small or poorly lit, or is not very functional in its integrity with the dining room, it might be in need of a strategy in remodeling about harmonizing your kitchen into the main hall.

Proactive Home Improvement is a company that is committed to bringing efficient use of space for your kitchen remodeling. We carry a lot of experience in the department; here is a list of reasons to why perform a renovation in your home:

  • It is a way to make better use of space, you can improve the ratio of functionality with the dining room and the living room is wanted!
  • It is an excellent way to achieve better lighting for the kitchen space.
  • The space will become the focal point in decorating your house.

There are two ways to achieve this integration between these environments for your kitchen remodeling

  1. Full harmony between the kitchen and the living room!

For this you will have to demolish a wall if necessary. The integration of the two environments will occur once it looks like a single space. In this case as contractors we must consider the following:

  • The kitchen design is essential in the decoration of this integrated space. It is more interesting in some cases merging the two environments designing a piece of furniture with the same line of the kitchen. For example a kitchen island.
  • It is very important to always have full kitchen in order, the furniture design must have great capacity to contain crockery, pots, cutlery, etc.
  • We must consider the issue of controlling cooking odors, reason to look for decorative bells specially designed for this type of integrated environments.

That is one option for your kitchen remodeling, but we also have:

  1. Integration while maintaining the physical separation of the two environments. 

We will achieve this only by keeping the two separate environments untouched, or building a low wall that can function as a pantry if we put a cap on top of granite or plywood.

In this case we must consider the following:

  • It is an option to save space in the kitchen and in many cases greater work area.
  • If we open the space to integrate the kitchen, it may be enough when we seek to better the functionality of the flow between the kitchen and dining room. In this case turn may place a sliding window with frosted glass between the two environments so that we can have more flexibility as to the possibility of integrating the environment under the circumstances.

No matter your style our team at Proactive Home Improvement is prepared with the best of equipment to handle your remodeling safely and precisely. Contact us today and ask for your free estimate available!