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Things you need to think about before starting your painting

When changing the color of the walls home you will be able to modernize the rooms and give a new look on a shoestring budget! Proactive Home Improvement is a reliable contractor that can hand in all the benefits you desire from a great coat for your painting services.  When choosing colors and the type of paint often many doubts assail us, so for this entry let's look at five tips that we should always keep in mind when starting your painting project:

  1. The first thing we must study in as your painting contractors is the light that we will save when paint. At this point the most important thing is to see how much natural light we receive and how many hours you can enjoy it. If we have much light we can afford more dark and bold colors as green, red or purple colors.
  1. Space also will play an important role! For your painting services we must not only look in square meters, but alto take the height of the ceilings as a mark of spaciousness in the room. If we have high ceilings we can play with strong colors and if the ceilings are low we can use white or draw vertical lines.
  1. The market has many types of paint available for your painting services, you can choose: waterbased, glossy, plastic, and also adapted for wet areas. As your contractors we can lead you in the best way possible for your painting projects.
  1. When combining colors you can follow a simple rule that says it is best to use a very clear and neutral color in 60% of stay, another more intense in 30% and book contrasting one for small details (would remain for 10%).
  1. When painting your entire residence, have professionals like our company to help you for better color contrasting, and what quality paints you can find in the market and ensure that the finish is perfect!

It is therefore useful to have a hand like the one from Proactive Home Improvement for your painting services, which facilitates the work order and suit the prices to be within your affordable budget. Let us come in your project and handle every detail!