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What does tile installation can do for you?

Here are some previous advices for tile installation as well as ceramic floors at home.

Over the years we have thought of tile installation as something very easy, and we also tend to have little oversight, and we end up missing some things that are important when placing ceramic floors as well as tile at home or your commercial property, here are some of our findings that we hope will be useful when tackling this project.

First when choosing a ceramic for your tile installation, you must take into account the traffic it will bear, is not the same one floor of a house that one of a shop or store, and it is good before buying to verify the degree of resistance by checking the box or consultation with the specialist dealer. Let us handle this procedure with great diligence.

One thing that we advise to our clients is to not acquire very smooth floors, some are nice but not suitable for outdoor environments especially in places where it usually rains, since they become slippery and dangerous, it is good to buy one to present a corrugated surface.

Before buying for your tile installation, the surface should also be measured to calculate the amount of ceramic necessary, it is important to add 15% more to the calculation to cover waste from cuts and waste and it is good to book an entire box (at least 1 meter and a half) for future repairs, do not forget that it may happen that the floor gets beyond our circumstances and ceramics despite being the same model and design are not manufactured with the same colors ever since their production is based on the batch system. 

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