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Sidewalk Repair in Philadelphia PA

Sidewalk Repair in Philadelphia PA

Is your sidewalk starting to deteriorate? Proactive Home Improvement is a qualified company ready to assist you with sidewalk repair in Philadelphia PA.

Cement sidewalk repair should not be considered a DIY type of activity, for this we need to be very careful because wet concrete is highly alkaline and if not handled correctly it can cause serious burns on exposed skin. For this, we offer affordable and long lasting sidewalk repair in Philadelphia PA.

Did you know that having a proper pedestrian walkway can guarantee you an increase in your property’s value? Yes, it can! Having the proper sidewalk design can amplify the appeal your property has over the market. We are a team that has the experience and equipment to handle your walkway enhancement today!

As a team we are proficient in delivering:

  • Brick sidewalk installation
  • Concrete sidewalk construction
  • Concrete driveway pavers
  • Sidewalk replacement

We are proficient sidewalk contractors that can handle the different materials and outtakes your walkway can have for your property’s appeal. No matter the size or volume for your project our staff is prepared with concrete mix, sand mix, hammers, saws and acrylic fortifier to deliver superior finishes and results to last a lifetime.

Our staff is prepared to go the extra mile and accomplish the outstanding results you seek for your property. Whether you are looking for a patch or a replace job over your walkway, Proactive Home Improvement is the ideal team to hire!

  • Firstly, we take measure of the job that you need for sidewalk repair in Philadelphia PA
  • We look out for the damage caused in your walkway
  • Then we determine what measure to take (patching, tearing or replacing)

These are the first three steps our team is ready to take once we go onsite. Proactive Home Improvement is a company that cares for your well-being, and we are ready to go the extra mile to guaranteeing you 100% quality results in all the works you demand from our team of contractors.

Call us today at (215)-688-8328 and ask for your FREE estimate available in any of our services!