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Remodeling Contractor in Philadelphia

Remodeling Contractor

If you are in the Pennsylvania area and are looking for the best remodeling contractor to trust your project in—you are in luck! Proactive Home Improvement has stay ahead of the business doing all sorts of remodeling improvements. Whether our clients are looking for an addition, or another task that requires a little more than TLC, we are your expert team to trust. Call us now and get a free estimate available!

Painting Services in Philadelphia


Although considered as a DIY kind of job, we can assure you that the finishing details are the ones that determine high quality results. We’ve been painting over the PA area for many years now; our team is available and flexible to attend all requests and need over painting duties. We are fully trained and experienced to work on your interior or exterior walls to exceed your expectations and handing over an evenly coated painting job.

Drywall in Philadelphia


The easiest task and our specialty is dealing with drywall finishes; Proactive Home Improvement is ready to tackle all your drywall issues, whether you are wanting to install it for the first time on your residence, or fixing holes or mildew issues on your commercial property. Handling drywall comes to us easy and at a cost effective pricing for you! As we’ve grown around our local area we perfectly know what you are looking for when drywall texturing on your ceiling and walls. Call us now and get a free estimate!

Flooring in Philadelphia


Want a change of floors? You’ve come to the right place! Proactive Home Improvement is well established company that offers you flooring services; from sanding to installing and repairing we are capable of handling all things concerning flooring. Our team is capacitated to lead your project into optimal results by first sanding the surface to install your new floor and later provide our best on wooden floors, laminate, vinyl floorings! Call us now and get a free estimate!

Ceramic Tile in Philadelphia

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile is a very popular finish on home owners; firstly installed on bathroom and kitchens, ceramic tile has a versatility to be used over floorings and other surfaces. Proactive Home Improvement will do repair and installation procedures taking into consideration your specifications for the job at task. We are able to deliver results enhancing your tile finishes with grout cleaning and shielding once the job is done with a maintenance that will help it maintain live longer.

Roofing Services in Philadelphia


Shingles, flat roofing, metal roofing and many more options available through our roofing installation and repair services. Proactive Home Improvement is nothing but meticulous when dealing with roof tops, we are aware that it is one of the most important elements that keeps you and your loved ones safe and dry. Your requests and specifications come second to none when repairing a leaky roof. Call us now and get a free estimate!

Concrete & Stone Works in Philadelphia

Concrete & Stone Works

At Proactive Home Improvements we are capable of also working with concrete and stone work. Whether you want a new sidewalk or a driveway our team is expert on the go! We’ve become professional when also handling masonry and its related services; we build additions, fences and everything that requires shoving and piling concrete on. Give your front lawn the brick finishes you’ve always wanted. Call us now and get a free estimate!

Plumbing Services in Philadelphia


When drainage systems cause problems we are your professional team to call. We do all plumbing work! We proficiently deliver quality results when in need of a chrome fixture, a new set of pipelines, the repair of a kitchen disposers and other appliances that serve as a plumbing ending. We value your trust when fixing anything inside your house, so we work our hardest to deliver positive results in record time at a cost effective pricing.

Electrician Services in Philadelphia


Electricity has been our driving force for over centuries now, so when an electric circuit isn’t functioning right we have to fix it right away. Proactive Home Improvements is ready to take your emergency call when an electrician is needed. We understand the uses and inner working of an electrical panel, which is the main brain to control electric functions of a house or commercial property. Our team is ready to take full safety measures when handling. Call us now and get a free estimate!

Door & Window Installation in Philadelphia

Door & Window Installation

Whether you are talking wood or pvc we are your team to call when window installation and repair is wanted. Over the years we’ve become the local areas experts for window framing, glazing, glass replacement. At Proactive Home Improvement we hand in with dexterity guaranteed you 100% quality results over door installation and repair as well as window installation and repair. Call our team of professionals now and get started with your project!

Carpentry Services in Philadelphia


Hammering a nail seems easy right? Yet when that nail is keeping your kitchen cabinets from falling it is another story. Proactive Home Improvement within its large list of services is also proficient on carpentry works. We can handle your cabinets and their inside shelves, as well as your doorframes and the maintenance to all things wood like your furniture. We’ve come a long way and we now service an area of more than 100 mile radius around PA. Call us now and get a free estimate available!

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